Spend $1000 with us, and receive a free overnight stay at the hotel, including a 1 hour massage!

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

For every $1000 you spent within a 6 month period, we treat you to an overnight stay at Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney, including a 1 hour massage! A second person can receive a 1 hour massage for an extra $50.

For every group booking (6+ persons) your massage will be hosted in a Blu Radisson Hotel Suite. Group bookings are also eligible for a Free Night at the hotel if the total spend exceeds $1000.

Please note: Only 5 massages can be performed at any one time. However, additional guests are welcome to relax in your hotel suite while they await their therapist.

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Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney, Mezzanine Level,
27 O’Connell St, Sydney,

NSW 2000

02 8214 0498,

0435 556 236 (Text)



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